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Effective Date : 2024-05-29

We value your privacy and comply with the "Personal Information Protection Act".
The Company will inform you of the purpose and manner in which the personal information you provide is used and what measures are being taken to protect your personal information through the Privacy Policy.
If the Company revises the Privacy Policy, the Company will notify you through the website notice (or individual notice).

■ Items to be collected and purpose of use of personal information
Customers are deemed to have agreed to the collection and use of personal information when they click the [I agree] button on the Terms of Use and Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information when registering as a member of the site.
1) The Company collects the following personal information.
Distinguish When to collect Collections Purpose Retention period
Members Upon signup [required] ID, password ,name
[Optional] Date of Birth
Sign up, identify users, and send notifications Termination of membership or statutory retention period
Easy Signup
[required] Name, profile picture, and email address Link social media and third-party accounts to use Single Sign-on
Easy signup
[required] Name, email
Easy signup
[required] Mobile, Birthday, year of birth, profile information (nickname/profile picture), KakaoTalk channel addition status and details
[Optional] Kakao Account (email), gender, age range
Easy signup
[Optional] E-mail
[Optional] Name, Mobile
On order [Required] Shipping Information (Name, Country, Address, Mobile, E-mail), payment information (name, card information, bank account information, etc.)
Verify user information to pay for, ship, and service orders
Exchanges/Returns [Required] Order information, order number, orderer name/ID, and contact information.
[Optional] Refund account information (bank name, account holder, account number)
For confirmation of processing for exchange/return inquiries
When writing a review [Optional] Height, Body Type(
Information for recommending reviews to customers
Non-members On order [Required] Shipping Information (Name, Country, Address, Mobile, E-mail, Order Search by Password), payment information (name, card information, bank account information, etc.)
[Simple Registration Required] Email, ID, Password
Verify user information to pay for goods, ship, and provide services Statutory retention periods
Exchanges/Returns [Required] [Required] Order information, order number, orderer name/ID, and contact information, payment information (name, card information, bank account information, etc.)
[Optional] Refund account information (bank name, account holder, account number)
For confirmation of processing for exchange/return inquiries

2) In the process of using the service, the following information may be generated and collected.
   - Service usage records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, payment records, usage suspension records, bad usage records

3) Utilization for marketing/advertising
   - We deliver advertising information such as statistics on members' service use, events, and sales news on products.

■ Retention and use period of personal information
In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information is retained for a specified period for the following reasons.
1) Reasons for retaining information under relevant laws and regulations
Applicable laws Holdings Retention period
Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act Records about contracts or withdrawals, etc. 5 years
Records of payments and supplies of goods, etc. 5 years
Records of consumer complaints or dispute handling 3 years
Communications Privacy Act Log History 3 months

■ Measures to ensure the safety of personal information
The Company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.
   1. Administrative measures: establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
   2. Technical measures: Management of access rights to personal information processing systems, installation of access control systems. Encryption of unique identification information and installation of security programs.
   3. physical measures: access control to computer rooms, data storage rooms, etc.

■ Procedures and methods for destroying personal information
In principle, the Company destroys the information without delay after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows
ο Destruction procedure
   - The information entered by the member for membership registration, etc. is transferred to a separate DB (separate filing cabinet in case of paper) after the purpose is achieved, and is stored for a certain period of time (see Retention and Use Period) in accordance with the information protection reasons under the internal policy and other related laws, and then destroyed.
   - Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for any purpose other than that for which it is retained, unless otherwise required by law.
ο Destruction method
   - Personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using a technical method that does not allow the records to be reproduced.
   - Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.

■ Provision of Personal Information
회사는In principle, the Company does not provide users' personal information to outside parties, except in the following cases.
ο When the user has given prior consent
ο In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, or when requested by an investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods set forth in laws and regulations for the purpose of investigation.

■ Consignment of Collected Personal Information
The Company entrusts the processing of personal information as described below in order to carry out smooth business operations such as customer service management and complaints.
In addition, in order to ensure the safety of personal information, the consignment contract clearly stipulates compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, prohibition of supplying personal information to third parties, and responsibility in the event of an accident. If the company changes, we will notify the changed company name through announcements or the privacy policy screen.

Custodians Consignment Details Retention and usage periods
Cafe24 Inc. System Delivery, Mobile App Services
Fulfillment Services
At contract end
Fastbox Co. Shipping orders At contract end
PayPal Pte. Ltd. PayPal, Credit cards At contract end
EXIMBAY Co. UnionPay At contract end

■ Rights of users and their legal representatives and how to exercise them
ο Users can view or modify their registered personal information at any time, and can also request to cancel their membership.
ο To view or modify your personal information, click "Edit Membership Information", and to cancel your membership (withdraw your consent), click "Cancel Membership", and you can view, modify, or cancel your membership directly. Or contact the person in charge of personal information protection in writing, by phone, or by email, and we will take action without delay.
ο If you request correction of errors in your personal information, we will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. In addition, if we have already provided incorrect personal information to a third party, we will notify the third party of the correction without delay so that the correction can be made.
ο YukYukGirls handles personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the request of a user or legal representative as specified in the "Retention and Use Period of Personal Information" collected by YukYukGirls, and does not allow it to be viewed or used for any other purpose.

■ Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices
The Company operates "cookies" that store and retrieve your information from time to time. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent to your browser by the server used to operate the YukYukGirls website and is stored on your computer's hard disk.
The Company uses cookies for the following purposes
ο Purpose of using cookies, etc.
   - To provide targeted marketing and personalized services by analyzing the access frequency and visiting time of members and non-members, identifying users' tastes and interests and tracking their traces, and identifying the degree of participation in various events and the number of visits.
   - You have a choice about the installation of cookies. Therefore, you can accept all cookies, confirm each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies by setting options in your web browser.
ο How to refuse cookie settings
   - To refuse the setting of cookies, you can accept all cookies, confirm each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies by selecting the options in your web browser.
   - Example of setting method
      Microsoft Edge : Tools at the top of your web browser > Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Manage and delete cookies and site data
      Chrome : Tools at the top of your web browser > Settings > Privacy and security > Third-party cookies
      Internet Explorer: Tools at the top of your web browser > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced
   - However, if you refuse to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing the service.

■ Collection, Use, Provision and Rejection of Behavioral Information
The Company collects and uses online behavioral information to analyze the use of this site, including customer analysis, in the process of using the service.
Behavioral information refers to online user activity information that can identify and analyze user interests, interests, preferences, and inclinations, such as website visit history, app usage history, purchase and search history, etc.

The Company collects behavioral information as follows

What behavioral information we collect How we collect behavioral information Purpose of collecting behavioral information Retention, use period and subsequent processing of information
History of web/app service visits, searches, clicks, etc. Collect logs of key customer behaviors within your website and app Provide personalized product recommendations based on user's interests and tendencies Retained and used for up to 3 years from the date of collection, and behavioral information is deleted without delay at the end of the use period.

The Company collects only the minimum behavioral information necessary for online personalized advertising, and does not collect sensitive behavioral information that may clearly infringe on the rights, interests, or privacy of individuals, such as ideas, beliefs, family and relative relationships, education, medical history, and other social activity history.
The Company collects and uses advertising identifiers for online personalized advertising in the mobile app. Users can block or allow customized advertisements in the app by changing the settings on their mobile device.

ο Blocking/allowing ad identifiers on smartphones
   (1) (Android) ① Settings → ② Privacy → ③ Ads → ③ Reset Ad ID or delete Ad ID
   (2) (iPhone) ① Settings → ② Privacy → ③ Tracking → ④ Allow apps to request tracking Off
   ※ The menu and method may differ slightly depending on the mobile OS version.

   You can block or allow online personalized ads in bulk by changing your web browser's cookie settings. However, changing the cookie settings may affect the use of some services, such as automatic login to the website.

ο Blocking/Allowing Customized Ads via Web Browser
   (1) Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10)
      - In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button and then select Internet Options
      - Select the Privacy tab, select Advanced under Settings, and then select Block or accept cookies
   (2) Microsoft Edge
      - In Edge, click the top-right "..." sign, then click Settings.
      - Settings Click "Privacy, search, and services" on the left side of the Settings page, then select whether and at what level you want to "Do Not Track" in the "Do Not Track" section.
      - Select "Always use "strict" tracking protection when searching InPrivate."
      - In the "Privacy" section below, select whether to "Send Do Not Track requests".
   (3) Chrome browser
      - In Chrome, click the top right '⋮' sign (chrome customize and control), then click Show settings.
      - At the bottom of the settings page, click "Show advanced settings" and in the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
      - In the Cookies section, check the box for "Block third-party cookies and site data".

   Users can contact the following for questions regarding behavioral information, to exercise their right to opt-out, or to report damage.

ο Personal Information Protection Department
   Department Name : CS Team
   Contact number : 1688-1360

■ Restrictions on registration of children under 14
The Company does not accept memberships from children under the age of 14 who require the consent of a legal representative.

■ Personal Information Protection Officer
In order to protect customers' personal information and handle complaints related to personal information and requests for access to personal information, the Company has designated the relevant departments and personal information protection officers as follows.

ο Customer Service Department: CS Team
   - Telephone number : 1688-1360

ο Personal Information Protection Officer Name: Kim Kyung-ja
   - Telephone number : 063-717-6601
   - Email :

You may report any complaints related to personal information protection arising from the use of the Company's services to the person in charge of personal information protection or the department in charge. The Company will promptly provide sufficient answers to users' reports.

■ Request for access to personal information
You may make a request for access to your personal information pursuant to Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act to the following departments.
The Company will endeavor to promptly process your request for access to personal information.

ο Personal Information Access Request Reception and Processing Department
   Department Name: CS Team
   Contact: 1688-1360

■ Remedies for violation of rights
If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringement, please contact the following organizations.
1.Personal Dispute Mediation Committee 1833-6972 (
2.Korea Internet & Security Agency Personal Information Infringement Report Center (without area code) 118 (
3.Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cyber Investigation Division (without area code) 1301 (
4.National Police Agency Cybercrime Reporting System (ECRM) : (without area code) 182 (

■ Obligation of Notice
In the event of any material deletion or modification of this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in legal policies or security technologies, we will notify you through the 'Notice' column on the homepage 7 days prior to the revision before implementing the changed Privacy Policy.

The notice and effective date of this Privacy Policy are as follows.

- Notice Date: February 23, 2024
- Effective Date: March 1, 2024

See previous version of Privacy Policy (2024-03-01 ~ 2024-05-28)